I am well aware there are a lot of other options out there but for you to support NZ made means the world to me. In return you will be able to show your followers pieces that aren't plastered all over everyone elses feed and are mass produced.
Hayley Rhind x


When people said a New Zealand designed & produced athleisure label couldn’t work, founder Hayley Rhind’s response was to work harder. The way active, successful New Zealand women have embraced this brand is proof that hard work pays off. 

Now with more than ten machinists based at our sunny Marlborough HQ, every single garment is proudly New Zealand made. RHIND garments are designed and manufactured within meters from where they are dispatched, all under one roof. This proximity to our garments means we know each one inside-out and can produce small runs to eliminate mass-production and unethical manufacturing.