Hayley Rhind (there’s the story of the name) started White Chalk with her sister in law, Ginny, in 2014 after a hair-brain idea to get a few clothes made for herself in Vietnam where Ginny was living at the time.  At the time Hayley and husband Matt were saving for their first farm and their budget didn’t have room for ‘Hayley’s Clothing’. Long story short Hayley’s friends wanted clothes then all of a sudden White Chalk was stocked in 50 boutiques nationwide and made in New Zealand.


With a successful fashion business never part of the plan - Hayley was meant to be the boy on the farm their lives were looking very different than they had imagined. Hayley found herself living a stressful and very busy life where exercise and general well-being was on the back burner. Hayley came to the realisation that this is not a sustainable or enjoyable way to live and started to explore all forms of exercise.


A balance of HIIT and Pilates have helped Hayley live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle and a wardrobe of RHIND has completed the picture.