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NZ Made - Have You Felt It?

Have you felt it? The feeling of wearing something you know has been carefully designed, crafted by seamstresses and shipped to you, all from under one roof - from right here in Marlborough, New Zealand. We have and we think it feels pretty special.

They say if you love what you do you don’t work a day in your life. Well…we still seem to work pretty hard! But as part of the RHIND tribe you can rest assured (every time you slip on our leggings or cosy up in a crew) you are supporting local women to continue a job they love.

Rhind NZ Made Activewear

It’s About More Than Trust & Authenticity

When we started RHIND we knew it wouldn’t be easy – and people weren’t shy in telling us! With hundreds of activewear brands jostling for your attention on search engines, stealing attention on your instagram feeds and following you around the internet it can be hard to sort the best from the run of the mill. Most of these sports and activewear brands, even the ones offering ‘New Zealand Merino’ are often shipped and made off-shore in factories where workers are paid just a few dollars a day.

We Want To Do Better

It goes beyond trust and authenticity. When we started RHIND we wanted to do better. We wanted to empower the team who design, craft and create our clothes. Better than that we wanted to pay wages that meant our staff could happily wear the clothes they were making. We want RHIND to be a brand that our team can live, breathe and (most importantly of all) believe in.

Bigger Than Us

What does it mean to us to be 100% NZ made? Beyond our amazing team and our people, we know that designing and crafting NZ made means more than just this. The money that you pay when you buy RHIND goes back into the New Zealand economy. It pays the wages of New Zealand women who go out into our local areas and spend at local shops, cafes, farms, restaurants and more. It supports kiwi women’s families to live their best lives and supports others in doing so.

Giving Back

Currently 52% of kiwis say that they try and buy New Zealand made, and if you’re reading this it’s likely you could be one of them. How different could the world and in particular our country look if everyone began to buy New Zealand made? We’re incredibly passionate about our NZ made story and even more appreciative about you supporting us and helping our dream come true.

NZ Made Activewear

To Say Thank You

As a way of saying thank you for supporting us in the first couple of years of our business and helping you to keep our NZ made dream alive, we’ve launched our unique loyalty scheme. It’s a clever wee scheme that means you get $ back in your pocket every time you shop New Zealand made! You can also earn rewards by supporting us in other ways and joining our journey. Just following us on Facebook or Instagram or celebrating a birthday also earns you rewards. This means you earn dollars off NZ made clothing just by seeing what we’re up to and continuing to support us year after year.

We don’t know about you, but we’re excited to be giving something back to YOU – the awesome, incredible, powerful women that make our passion possible!

If you're keen to get involved simply click on the star in the bottom right corner of the website to start earning rewards (p.s. you can earn over $20 off simply by signing up and following us on Instagram & Facebook)

Don’t Be A Stranger

We’re real people! We make our 100% NZ activewear right here in the South Island and we love to hear your thoughts on everything.

If you want to know more from RHIND, see what we’re up to on a daily basis or ask us questions.

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