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Inspiration: What Does It Mean To You?

That spark - it's how the brand began - getting inspired, taking a huge leap of faith and putting in a LOT of blood, sweat and tears! But it got us thinking about what inspires us, what drives us to turn up better every day and where YOU can find inspiration in daily life.

Let’s Talk Inspiration

Thomas Edison said, “Genius is one part inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” There is certainly no debating the latter is important, but have you thought about what sets your wheels in motion? For us is designing, crafting and sharing our 100% NZ Made Activewear with you guys and hearing your amazing feedback.

Whether you’re starting a health journey, making changes to your lifestyle, trying to improve your performance at work or simply trying to turn up better each day, doing things that keep you inspired can be crucially important.


What Is Inspiration?


It’s a tricky one to put into words…which is why it’s important to think about what inspiration means to you. It might be your favourite workout that sets you up for the day. It might be hiking your favourite track and drinking in awe at the views. For some it’s getting creative at work – working together and inspiring a team to bring them to life! It might even be much needed downtime that inspires you and helps sets you up for your next challenge.


5 Ways To Find Inspiration


People – They say we become the sum of the five people we spend the most time with! Surround yourself with friends who inspire you – it might be their work ethic, their kindness or something as simple as they’re ability to have fun.


Spaces – Getting outdoors can provide huge inspiration. Experiencing awe at nature can send tingles down your spine, make time pause for a minute and clear our brains to make space for all sorts of possibilities.


Make A Change – Feeling stuck can be awful – which is why they say a change can be as good as a holiday. Just changing one small thing each day can add up to 365 new and different experiences in a year. Start small and change something you know isn’t serving you as best it could.


Never Stop Learning – Just because you’re qualified in one particular area doesn’t mean it’s time to close your mind. Developing a routine focussed around continual learning can help us gather fresh experiences that keep our mind open. Whether that’s taking a course, attending a talk, reading a book or travelling – choose one you love and dive in.


Inspiring Others

Have you thought about how you inspire others around you? It might be a small act of kindness, an act of forgiveness or something as small as showing gratitude to those closest to you. If not, have a think about how you can become someone who inspires good in others - just a little bit - every day.

Don’t Be A Stranger

We’re real people! We make our 100% NZ Activewear right here in Blenheim and we love to hear your thoughts on everything.

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