Meditation // A Guide To Relaxation

Meditation, we've all heard of it. We've probably all tried it once or twice. Most of us have probably never stuck to it.  But we are here to convince you (and ourselves lol) to try again.

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Let's start with the benefits. Why should we be meditating?

1. Better focus and concentration.

We know that meditation helps us be more present, that's the whole point really isn't it. But did you know that whilst you're being present you are also training your brain to focus. Therefore, you're improving your concentration. Think about how much more you could get done if you were more focussed. Higher productivity levels = more time for wine, just saying.

2. Improves self esteem and self awareness.

Mindful meditation forces you to slow down. Something I'm sure a lot of you, like us, don't understand the concept of haha. But when slowing down we become more aware of ourselves and have time to reflect on the positive attributes within. In turn this can increase our self esteem. We think you're bloody awesome but how often do you think that about yourself? We think it should be erryday!

3. Reduces Stress

We all know being stressed isn't great for anyone, but what would you say if we told you that meditation could lower our cortisol levels? Pretty crazy right, but when we practice mindful meditation this happens! No need to be a stressy Betty anymore. It is proven that just 15 minutes of meditation a day will bring your stress hormones down. Doesn't life with less stress sound f**cking fantastic!

4. Makes you kinder 

Not that you aren't a nice enough person already, but meditation can actually make you nicer. It does this by strengthening circuits in the brain that help us to understand and notice peoples emotions. Next time you meditate repeat a loving phrase in your mind and see what happens. Who knows your hubby might thank you for it. I know mine would! 

Now that we've convinced you of a few of our favourite benefits lets move on to some tips and tricks on how to make meditation a bit easier.

  • Eliminate distractions - maybe don't try to meditate while the kids are running a riot. Try first thing is the morning before they wake up or just before you go to bed. That way you can eliminate distractions and be extra zen.
  • Get comfy - comfort is key as they say. By getting comfy you will automatically feel more relaxed and get into that meditated mind set a bit easier.
  • Keep it short & simple to start - we don't want meditation to feel like a chore (there's enough of them to be done around the house). Keep it short and simple by following a 5min guided meditation or literally just set a timer and sit in silence for 5 minutes. Don't put yourself off before you even begin.
  • Make it a habit by doing it regularly - daily is ideal but we get that life is busy so maybe try every second day or twice a week. The more you meditate the easier it becomes. 
  • Visualise - This might sound strange and a bit hoodoo voodoo but trust us. If you struggle to sit in silence without your mind racing, try visualising something and focus on that. It could be a white circle, it could be a happy memory of it could be that glass of wine you're hanging out for. Give it a go and see how you feel.
  • Say a mantra - again, this sounds a bit hoodoo voodoo and you might sound like a crazy person. We won't judge though. Try repeating a sentence, maybe something that resonates with you like your favourite quote or a relaxing word and focus on this. Hopefully this will stop you from getting distracted and allow you to be present.

Now get meditating... while wearing RHIND of course.

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