Lessons From Lockdown

Well Hello Level 2.

As quick as we locked down, many of us are back to (near) normality. Our hearts go out to everyone in Auckland who are still in lockdown as we write. Ladies in Auckland, try and stay positive and... make the most of wearing loungewear all day long - we're looking at our jeans and we're not sure how we feel about them! Leggings might be the go to...

Lessons I Learnt From Lockdown

People are heading back to work, kids are heading back to school (wahoo) and our favourite coffee shops are opening their doors (we’re particularly excited about this one). But in amongst the return to the madness, I think it’s important to pause and recalibrate before we dive back into being ‘busy’ bees.

People Are Precious

Beyond our bubble, lockdown made me realise the huge amount of gratitude I have for our team, that make producing RHIND possible. From our incredible seamstresses, to my best friend (of too many years!) Meagan, to our new GM Liz, our dispatch team to name a few. I can’t wait to see their smiling faces again and express my gratitude face to face (or mask to mask as the case may be).

Who did you miss in lockdown? Are there people who are more precious to you than you realised? If so, tell them!

Slowing Down To Eat

Like many of you, we had to try and fall in love with home-cooking every, single, meal! No grabbing a muffin for breakfast, or sandwich for lunch on the way to a shoot. We can’t wait to get out and #supportlocal – but I think I might change the way I do things slightly. Cooking at home makes you slow down and really appreciate the meal in front of you – this is something I am certainly going to try and carry back into ‘real’ life. The obligatory lockdown snacks? These, my waistline will not miss!

Has your relationship with food changed over lockdown? If so, tell us!

Exercising In Nature

I can’t wait to get back to the pilates studio! But I’ve also decided that more time outdoors is going to be something I try and incorporate as Spring kicks in. There is no doubt that getting out in nature does wonders for both our physical and mental health. Getting out for a walk, run or hike in the morning is a great time to set your intentions for the day - before other demands, stresses and strains have a chance to enter your day.

Did you keep active? Or can you not wait to get back to the studio?

Time Works Differently In Lockdown

Spending days out at shoots and meetings, coming home and getting back on the laptop (or our Instagram feed). Of course it’s needed sometimes. But in lockdown we were gifted extra time with our friends and family. I think we need to remember that time really is the last true luxury. I am going to try and stress less about self-imposed deadlines and focus more on family and friends. Let’s try and live in the moment and remember what really matters.

Did you enjoy more time with family and those who live with? Or are you looking forward to an escape? 


How are you feeling about returning to Level 2? Are there elements of lockdown that you want to try and carry through to ‘real life’?
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