How To Make A Digital Detox That Little Bit More Bearable

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Who doesn't love a scroll? Whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, the RHIND website or the selfies on your camera roll (we see you). But as we all know this isn't the greatest for our minds and doesn't help us live our #bestlives. 

Here's some signs we think you might need a digital detox:

  • Do you get a little stressy when you can't find your phone? We know the feeling. This is a sign you might be a little too reliant on the rectangle shaped thing that's attached to your hand (as my mother would say).
  • We see you tapping that screen every few minutes to check those non-existent notifications. Definitely a sign...
  • Late night scrolling getting the better of you. Is checking your phone the first thing on your to do list in the morning? We do it too, but it ain't good!
  • We know this one all too well. Partner telling you to get off your phone every damn day? 

If you relate to even one of these maybe it's time for that digital detox we keep harping on about. Now that we've cleared that up it's time for the juicy stuff, we all want a quick fix, sadly we can't give you that. But we can give you all our tips and tricks on how to make your digital detox that little bit easier.

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Tip number one - start small, maybe with a digital fast. Set yourself a small goal, could be an hour, could be 24, but try to stay away from your phone for that set time frame. If that still seems a little hefty, is there an app you just can't take you eyes off? Maybe try taking a vacay just from the gram for a week or so.

Tip number two - tell your friends and family. No one wants to be a quitter so by telling your friends and family this keeps you accountable. They can also encourage you and it might help them understand why you're asking them to come for 1000 walks a day. 

Which leads us to tip number three - stay busy. Try and get outside whether that be 1000 walks or just one this removes you from temptation and takes your mind off that dreaded digital detox. If you don't like the outdoors, try something creative, maybe start a project or have your own paint and sip (we won't judge if there's more sipping than painting).

Tip number four - Delete the apps. If social media is your weakness try deleting these apps from your phone. This way they aren't at the click of a finger and you have to work a lot harder to get connected. If you are going to great lengths to get onto social media we recommend asking for help because, sorry but that ain't normal.

Tip number five - this one might be a little far fetched, we get it, who has time to write these days but writing a journal will help to keep yourself accountable and track your progress. This can also pass this new found time you have from not sitting on your phone for hours on end (you're welcome).

Thats all the tips and tricks we've got for you right now, but we hope this helps you to put down the phone and look up for a little while. Here's to more time with loved ones and a happier, healthier you!

If you love this blog and want to know more let us know in the comments and we will see what we can do. 

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