Be Right Back ..

"Taking a break leads to breakthroughs"

As hard a decision as it has been to make I know that taking a break is the right thing to do. With some major life changes happening behind the scenes stepping back, recharging and reevaluating is much needed. 

I am extremely passionate about producing NZ made activewear and saying NO to mass production but it is hard yakka when the big guys are mass producing off shore for a fraction of the cost. We don't have the big marketing budgets like these guys either but what we do have is our exceptional quality, ethically produced in our own back yard and reduced wastage. 

Making the hard choice to have a break has meant that I can work on the big picture and my creativity bank is starting to refill. I am putting my own health and well-being first, something I have preached but when I really looked inside I wasn't practicing it. 

I am starting to get a feel for what the next chapter will look like, I am not rushing anything but one thing I can tell you is that it will most definitely be NZ MADE!

So thank you for all your support and believing in my dream. Now to take some of my own medicine. 

Here's to the creative juices following freely over the next few months.

Hayley Rhind x


P.S I am extremely blessed to be surrounded by the most amazing team who have supported me through testing times. Our sister labels are running as per normal and both have exciting things happening over the coming months.